• Welcome to the E-Badge Academy


    If you are just getting started, here are some instructions that may be helpful to you. You also may wish to view this video guide to getting started in the NADSP E-Badge Academy.


    • If you are not currently logged in, you should see a link to the Log In page in the upper right corner of this page. Your username should be the same as your email address, and it must be entered in all lowercase letters. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by entering your email address on the Forgotten Password page, but your email address must be entered in all lowercase letters here as well.
    • Clicking on Catalog at the top of this page to see all the badges that are available.
    • If you are a direct support professional make sure you enroll in the NADSP Certifications for DSPs course, which will track your progress towards DSP-I, DSP-II and DSP-III certification.
    • If you are seeking the NADSP Certification for Frontline Supervisors, you will need a passcode from your local E-Badge Academy administrator to enroll in that course.
    • The Code of Ethics Commitment badge is a prerequisite for all other badges, so it must be earned before any other badges can be awarded. Make sure to read the NADSP Code of Ethics and the Certification Fraud Policy, which is included in that badge course, carefully before completing this requirement.
    • Accredited Education badges are purple and orange in color. These badges require the upload of training records from an NADSP Accredited Curriculum.
    • Core Competency badges are green and orange in color. These badges require the upload of a testimonial describing an example of your work that meets the requirements for the badge.  Testimonials should be about half a page of written material (or a few minutes of narration if you prefer to submit an audio recording.)
    • If you would like to know how many badges you have earned, that information can be found on the Manage Badges page.



    The files below contain some additional guidance that may be helpful. 

    The fraud policy is included in the Code of Ethics Commitment badge course, but is also included here for ease of access. Please read this policy carefully, as violating it may lead to your removal from the E-Badge Academy.